Viki & Emmi

When this log was originally created it was just VikiRose who was bringing her SL style to the masses. Since February 2010, her baby sister EmmiRose had to poke her nose into Viki’s blogspace.  The two sisters are totally different in personality and this influences their individual fashion styles, though occasionally there can be a little overlapping.

In the summer of 2016 a new face was been added to the blog – Eamon Carlisle. So you will be see a lot more of male fashion on this blog.

Their typist (the human bean at the keyboard) has been in SL since August 08, when a friend finally persuaded her to go to SL. Since then she  has enjoyed the time in SL and has had the usual pain-in-the-ass problems with lag & crashing out. Well since the typist got a new laptop with up-to-date graphics card & processors, there has been no major issues with SL.

Viki & Emmi have developed rather expensive habits while in SL…. Enough said, thinks the typist 😛


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