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Men Only Hunt 8

One of the grid-wide hunts is the Men Only Hunt 8 (or MOH8). It ends 22.10.16, so you have just under 2 weeks left to do it. MOH8 is a free hunt, i.e. the little beer glass won’t cost you anything.

To do the hunt, you will need to get the hud from the Flair for Events office, and the hud is also free. The goodies on this hunt vary from clothing, to avatar accessories (eyes, beards, etc), and poses. Continue reading “Men Only Hunt 8”

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A new adventure begins…

Uncle James, or Big Jim to family and closest friends, had been gone for months, on one of his many trips to explore the last great wild places. Over the years Big Jim had tried to get me to join him, but I insisted that my college education came first, and we never spoke of the subject. It was our mutual elephant in the room .

There had been a letter from Big Jim, sent to me just before he had left civilisation in whatever far flung corner of the globe he was at, and that had been the last contact we had from him. And now, I was sitting in a cosy study with Mr C J SaintJohn, or plain Sinjin to his friends. Sinjin leaned forward with the telegram in his hand.

“They have been unable to find him,” said Sinjin, in his deep rumbling voice. “Last known sighting of Big Jim was in Manzanilla, at the lodge where he was staying. The authorities would like you to go out there and help. Of course, I will be joining you.”

Explorer Continue reading “A new adventure begins…”

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52 WC – Patriarch

week 31- Patriarch

The first recorded use of patriarch as a colour name in English was in 1925.


Body :- ABAR eBODY
Head :- LOGO Alex
Skin applier :- Belleza – Amber
Hair :- Exile – Cold
Dress :- Lavian – Tell her No
Necklace :- Maxi Gossamer – Mata Hari
Shoes :- Lavian – Janet Heels

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52 WC – Melon

Week 30 sees another pastel shade – Melon.

As yesterday (Sept 22nd) was the autumn equinox, and therefore, the first day of autumn, it would seem that this week’s colour is quite appropriate.

The first recorded use of melon as a colour name in English was in 1892.


Body :- ABAR – eBODY v8.2 BODY
Head :- LOGO Alex
Shape :- my own
Hair :- Exile – Cold
Skin applier:- WoW Skins – Angy
Lipstick applier :- Livia – Natural Shine
Dress :- Lavian – The Heat Is On
Tights :- Sweet Tea – Totally Sheer Tights
Shoes :- [Aleutia] – Chandi

Location – It all starts with a smile