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Petite Mort & Cwtch

Petite Mort is having it’s 2nd annual Easter hunt. It started on 08.04.17 and ends 30.04.17.

There are 6 eggs to be found in the store, which cost the tiny sum of 10L$ each, with a 7th golden egg that is free to group members. The group is currently free to join, but the normal fee is 75L$.

Petite MortSpring Guitar Cami + Olive Butterfly ShortsPrintemps Wedges  Continue reading “Petite Mort & Cwtch”

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Men Only Hunt 8

One of the grid-wide hunts is the Men Only Hunt 8 (or MOH8). It ends 22.10.16, so you have just under 2 weeks left to do it. MOH8 is a free hunt, i.e. the little beer glass won’t cost you anything.

To do the hunt, you will need to get the hud from the Flair for Events office, and the hud is also free. The goodies on this hunt vary from clothing, to avatar accessories (eyes, beards, etc), and poses. Continue reading “Men Only Hunt 8”

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Freebie News – Ghee

Ghee has a hunt going on at their new store location, from 12.08.16 to 02.09.16. You are looking for 39 spice jars, and each one will cost 10L$, except for the 3 that have the sandals (those are 25L each, and are slink only!). There 3 colour options – chilli, ivory and taupe.

The Gacha Garden is celebrating its 1st birthday, and if you join their free group, you will be able to get some lovely gifts. One gift is ‘Jenna’ from Analog Dog. (The gifts are available until 31.08.16.)

Ghee + Analog DogL= Chilli Indian Summer Beaded Top + Taupe Boho Long Belted Skirt
R= Chilli Indian Summmer Blouse + Ivory Boho Long Belted Skirt

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