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Once more @ Home Show 2017

World of Wood @ Home Show 2017

World of Wood has this gorgeous furniture set as an exclusive at the Home Show 2017:

  • Greenhouse Chair (LI 2) comes with 8 single female, 8 male poses and 7 couples poses, as well as a texture change menu for both the Wood (8 options) & the Seat (4 colours)
  • Greenhouse Sofa (LI 7) comes with 5 single female poses & 5 male poses (4 have props!), 19 couples poses, wood & seat have same texturing options as the chair, and the pillows are also texture change (brown, blue red & white).
  • Greenhouse Table (LI 1) has the same 8 wood texture options as the chair and sofa.
  • Greenhouse Bromeliad (LI 1)

World of Wood @ Home Show 2017

Etnia also has a furniture set (the Rustic Summer Set) as their exclusive item.

Etnia @ Home Show 2017

  • Rattan Chair (LI 3) comes with 10 animations/poses.
  • Rattan Chair with blanket (LI 4) has a texture change menu with 10 options for the blanket.
  • Rattan Table (LI 3)

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