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More from The Home Show 2017

Dekute Dekore have the Suave Living Room set as one of their exclusives. The whole set is rezzed out as a complete item, instead of being rezzed as a set which you can move the individual parts separately. The whole set is just 4 Land Impact (LI) !!

By clicking anywhere on the furniture a texture change menu will pop up giving you options to change the cushions, pillows and wood. The Cushions & Pillows (Large & Small) have 5 colour groups – Neutrals, Reds, Blues, Browns, and Greens – to choose from. The Wood options are Walnut, Wenge, Pale, Pine, Teak, Hickory, Mahogany, Maple, Alder, Cedar, and Ebony.

The Home Show 2017

Calm Designs have the Wren Books stack (1 LI) and Wren Scones (1 LI each) as their exclusive items.

Decor Junction / Shutter Field have the Mason Bed as an exclusive item. The blogger pack had the PG version of the bed. I selected the Floral (m+f) & Blue (m+m) to show. The bed itself has a LI of 11, and comes with Singles, Cuddles & Activities poses/animations.

Decor Junction / Shutter Field @ The Home Show 2017

The headboards are also from DJ/SF. They are 1 LI each and are texture change enabled.

Decor Junction / Shutter Field @ The Home Show 2017

Kaerri have the Solano Dining Room set as one of their exclusive items. The whole set is rezzed in one go, then you can arrange the individual parts as you want.

Kaerri @ The Home Show 2017

The LI for each item in the set are as follows:

  • Rug – 1 LI
  • Dining Table – 1 LI
  • Plants – 3 LI each
  • Lemon Branch – 3 LI
  • Leaf Pitchers – 2 LI each
  • End Tables – 2 LI each
  • Dining Chair – 4 LI
  • Lemonade – 1 LI
  • Lemon Platter – 3LI
  • Lemon Print – 1 LI
  • Candles – 2 LI each

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