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Builder’s Box – part 2

In this second post on the new subscription box in SL – Builder’s Box – I am featuring the following: Spargel & Shine Homes, Pillows, Serenity Style, Thistle Homes and Maru Kado.

First is the Lucero Skyhome from Spargel & Shine Homes. It is the heaviest of all the builds with a Land Impact (LI) of 160! The approximate footprint of the build is 31 x 17 metres.

Spargel & Shine - Lucero skyhome

The gold tile gives access to a decorating menu that allows you to change the frosting/privacy levels of the doors and windows, turn on & off the light shadows on the floor of the main room, and to change the colour of the feature wall in the main room (there are 4 pages of colours to choose from!)

Spargel & Shine

Next is the Alboran Summer House from Serenity Style. The House has a LI of 44, and the summer tree has a LI of 5 — again perfect for prim restricted plots. The tree comes separate from the house, you can rez just the one like I did or as many as you like.

Serenity Style - Alboran Summer House

The Manon Skybox from Pillows is very reminiscent of the interiors of Versailles Palace (and other 18th century grand houses!) The skybox has a LI of 118, not bad for a one-room build (but is still on the heavy side if you’re on a prim restricted plot!) From the outside it will appear as a solid black box, but you can see out from the inside.

Pillows - Manon Skybox

Next is the Saltwater Cottage (marine edition) by Thistle Homes. This has a LI of 76 with a footprint of 18 x 11 metres.  It is one of 2 builds that uses the good old rezzer box! The keys at the front door gives you access to a multi-option menu – you can change the level of access to the main menu (i.e. owner, everyone (which is default), etc), and also can recolour the interior & exterior. There are 6 interior colour options: ocean, sand, algae, shell, sky and sea. For the exterior, there are 4 options: wave, sand, ocean and sky.

Thistle Homes - Saltwater Cottage

Thistle Homes - exterior

Last is a Shipping Container (includes a garden version) from Maru Kado. The container has a LI of 14, and the garden version is 11. Brilliant for an urban-theme sim.

Maru Kado - Shipping Container

Maru Kado


The next edition of the Builder’s Box will be available for pre-ordering on July 15th (with the box being released in August).


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