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Builder’s Box

We all know what a subscription box is, right? You mean something like Luxe Box, Deco{c}rate, BishBox or Powder Pack, right? Well, yes.  Deco{c}rate is purely home decor, Luxe Box is a mix of home decor & female fashion. Builder’s Box is different!

As stated on their website: “Builder’s Box is a quarterly (released every 3 months) build-only subscription box packed full of nothing but great homes, skyboxes and other buildings.”

If you want to know more, please visit the Builder’s Box website (especially the FAQ page).

The first build I want to show is a modern prefab from Aethis Creations. It has a land impact (LI) of 37, which is perfect if you are heavily restricted in the amount of prims you have on your plot. (Size = length 27m, width 15m & height 14m.)

Aethis Creations

Next is the Bordeaux Cottage from Schultz Brothers, which has a LI of 90. Again perfect for a prim-restricted plot. It’s a quaint 2-room cottage, with a large fireplace in the neoclassical style as the feature of the downstairs space.

Schultz Brothers

Schultz Brothers

The Forest Pavilion by BIGBully is one of 2 items in the first Builder’s Box that is not a house or skybox. It has a LI of 16, and there is a high LOD version as well. (You can find a picture of the pavilion in it’s natural environment on the catalogue page of the Builder’s Box website.)


The Leviosa Loft by Kite is another modern prefab construction, which reminds me of an old late 19th / early 20th century warehouse that has been converted into a stylish modern living space. It has a LI of 81. (There is a version that comes with 3 in-built frames that allow you to put your own pictures in.)



The last building to feature (for this post!) is the Daphne Cottage from Lagom. It is one of 2 that use the good old rezzer box! It has a LI of 17. I have left this one rezzed on my plot for Emmi to use as a home, as she doesn’t need a lot of space.


Next post will feature builds by: Spargel & Shine Homes, Pillows, Serenity Style, Thistle Homes and Maru Kado.


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