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52 WC – Patina / Verdigris

week 4 – Verdigris (or Patina)

The name verdigris comes from the Middle English vertegrez, from the Old French verte grez, an alteration of vert-de-Grèce (“green of Greece”). The modern French spelling of this word is vert-de-gris (“green of grey”).

Verdigris is the common name for a green pigment obtained through the application of acetic acid to copper plates or the natural patina formed when copper, brass or bronze is weathered and exposed to air or seawater over a period of time. It is usually a basic copper carbonate, but near the sea will be a basic copper chloride.


Mesh head :- Catwa Tumble v4.10
Mesh body :- Maitreya Lara v4.1 (with bento hands)
Mesh eyes :- Omega Solutions
Eye applier :- Banana Banshee – Hely (sea)
Hair :- Elikatira – Noire
Face applier :- Glam Affair – Clary (Jamaica tone)
Lipstick applier :- Sn@tch – Cream Lipsticks
Eyeshadow applier :- Sn@tch – Morgana Eyeshadows
Dress :- Hilly Haalan – Vinisha Dress
Shoes :- Empire – Dichondra
Necklace :- Ecco – Crescent Moon Triskelion Necklace

Pose :- Label Motion – Cielo pose 6


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