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S is for …

Fannon had been a miracle worker, literally. Within minutes of me walking into the back room of his barber’s shop, I was talking to someone who would change my appearance with no questions being asked.


I looked at my new self in the small bathroom mirror and smiled. A few enhancements in the right places meant that my overall appearance hadn’t really changed. My few days in Kryslin were over, and picking up my jacket and bag, I left for the spaceport where my new ship was waiting.

I had received a tip-off as to Shaj’s whereabouts. I could not afford to lose any more time.

(To read previous ‘episodes’, please check out the posts : G, H, I, P and R)

Body :- ABAR eBODY
Head :- CATWA Tumble V4.10
Shape :- my own
Skin applier :- WoW Skins – Selia
Hair :- Wasabi Pills – Savannah
Lipstick applier :- Indulge Temptation! – Kayshla’s Kisses
Top :- Plastik – Schizm / Wisp
Jeans :- Lavian – Stay With Me Jeans
Boots :- aDiva – Lisbeth Boot
Necklace :- PIXEL BOX – Necklace City


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