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52 WC – Pink

week 33 – Pink

The colour pink is named after the flowers called pinks, flowering plants in the genus Dianthus. The name derives from the frilled edge of the flowers — the verb “to pink” dates from the 14th century and means “to decorate with a perforated or punched pattern” (possibly from German pinken, “to peck”). While the word “pink” was first used as a noun to refer to a colour in the 17th century, the verb “pink” continues to be reflected today in the name of the scissors that cut a zig-zagged line known as pinking shears.


Body :- ABAR  eBODY
Head :- CATWA Tumble V4.10
Shape :- my own
Skin applier :- WoW Skins – Lolly (Oct GG)
Hair :- Elikatira – Kabrina
Dress :- Hilly Haalan – Laila Dress
Pants (applier) :- Sn@tch – Mahalo Embroidered Pants
Shoes :- REIGN – Hierarchy Heels V2

Location – Venta Silurum


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