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Hit the road


It was the last straw as far as his father was concerned. He had dreaded telling the old man that he had been offered a job with a prestigous law firm in the city, which meant he would not be joining the family business.  Telling the old man that he had fallen in love with another man hadn’t been as hard as this. In fact, that had been a walk in the park, as his father had responded by saying he had suspected that his eldest son was gay.

The old man had stood there in the family room, shouting and raving about how Eamon was no longer a son of his and that he should pack his bags and move the hell out. His mother had just stood in the hall, crying.

Without saying anything else, Eamon had just packed what he could in an old battered suitcase, and walked out of that house without looking back. He walked down the street and turned round the corner. A few yards down from that corner stood his boyfriend’s van. Nick leaned idly against the van, talking to Eamon’s younger brother, Steve.

Eamon just shook his head when Nick asked how it had gone with his father. Steve just draped an arm around his brother’s shoulders, and knew not say anything at that moment.


Shape :- John Shape
Hair :- [bade] – Cody
Hairbase :- Damselfly
Skin :- WoW Skins – Duke T1 – 1
Top :- Gabriel – Zipup hoodie 09flower
Jeans :- Cold Ash – OCELOT Jeans (BLACK) straight fit
Boots :- SMS Gridwalker Hiking Boots, Black

Pose/prop :- RACK Poses – Pack Up Your Troubles

Location – Crestwick Island


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