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The Beautiful Ones

The Beautiful Ones is another of those stores that I have heard & seen during my 8+ years in SL. So I popped over to the store just ot have a little look, and whilst there, I found that they have some group gifts still available.

The group has a one-off fee of 25L$. With the group tag, you can get the current group gift (the Sue dress in turquoise) for 1L$ which is automatically refunded, and the same goes for the older group gifts. Have no more group slots? You can still get the past gifts for 10L$ each.

The Beautiful Ones (group gift)Sue dress  – 1 L$ (group tag) / 10L$

The Beautiful Ones (group gift)Ady Denim Blazer – 1L$ (group tag)/10L$

The Beautiful Ones (group gifts)Selina long tail gown / Karen dress – 1L$ (group tag)/10L$

The Beautiful Ones (group gifts)Lili dress (comes with a hud – 10 colours) – 1L$ (group tag)/10L$ each

Shape :- my own
Skin :- WoW Skins – 2016 Selia Tan CL
Hair 1 :- Elikatira – Becca
Hair 2 :- Damselfly – Arbor
Other items worn:
Top :- Sn@tch – Tapestry Tanks
Jeans :- Sn@tch – Camp Relaxed Jeans
Pants :- Sn@tch – Boho Capris
Boots :- aDiva – Lisbeth Boots
Shoes :- Hilly Haalan – Sarina Chain Heels
Necklace :- MAxi Gossamer – Mata Hari (High Neck)

Location – Flux Sur Mer


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