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I is for…

Personal log 27591.0 (Sept 30th Terran Year 2314)

Having spent 2 days getting a rather detailed explanation from Vince about his being part of The Chalosian Order. Vince had kept a detailed log of his time in The Order and the briefing dossier he had been given when assigned to his current undercover job.

I had enough of feeling like I had been kept in the dark about a lot of things. So I headed to meet my boss, General Hans Meskeran at our agreed rendezvous point. Which turned out to be a derelict neighbourhood medical centre on the edge of what had been Ryslin township.


Whilst I waited for Meskeran to show up, I kept thinking about what Vince had said shortly before we parted company. He had smiled wearily, ‘There is more to this Shaj business. He always seems to be one or two steps ahead of us — like someone within Central Command is feeding him information on our operatives’ locations.’

I began to feel uneasy about meeting Meskeran. Ever since joining the Guardians’ elite unit, I had not got on well with Meskeran. I had heard the rumours that he had dealings with Shaj in the past, particularly during the Hiskan Uprising some 20 years ago.


Skin :- Belleza – Claudia
Hair :- Alice Project – Indigo
Tattoo :- [I<3F] – Into the Nature
Lipstick :- Sn@tch  – Deadly Lipstick (Burgundy)
Eyeshadow :- Sn@tch – Underworld Makeup (Just Eyes)
Dress :- Lavian/LivGlam – I’d rather go blind Dress
Pants :- Gawk! – Victorian Pattern Trousers 1
Boots :- Sn@tch – High Heel Sneaks


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