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H is for…

Personal log 27590.8  (Sept 28th Terran Year 2314)

So I had waited for the shadowy figure to emerge from the alley. As the figure walked into the light of a nearby street lamp, I saw that it was Shaj’s second-in-command, Vince Halten.

Vince quietly and quickly pulled a PDA from his jacket pocket and held it out to me. Without saying a word, I re-holstered my second pistol whilst keeping the other pointing at him. I moved forward slowing and quickly took the PDA from his hand.

Without saying a single word, he nodded and left the way he had come. Moving back into the shadowy murkiness of the alley, and out of my sight. I pocketed the PDA and made my way back to the spaceport where my ship was waiting. My next stop was Shaj’s last known location, but first I needed to visit an old friend.

I had only just found out that my old partner had been under cover in The Chalosian Order for the past few years. It was about time we had a little chat. I stood at the door of the cottage where he had arranged to meet me.

I started to have second thoughts, when suddenly the door swung open and I saw Vince Halten…


Shape :- External Appearance – Karissa
Skin :- Belleza – Claudia
Hair :- Besom – Hannu
Lipstick :- Sn@tch – Deadly Lipstick (Burgundy)
Outfit :- Hilly Haalan – Cathy Coat & Jeans (grey)
Shoes :- Sn@tch – High Heel Sneaks

Shape :- 7 Deadly s{K}ins – NOAH DEF shape
Skin :- 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Movember HB
Hair :- no.match – NO.PATIENCE.
Top :- Yasum – Hoodie Shirt
Pants :- Yasum – Army Cargo Pants
Necklace :- Glint – Mens Rockin retro necklace
Boots :- SMS – Gridwalker Hiking Boots

Pic 1:
Windlight settings – region default
Location – After the Fall


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