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Freebie News #5 – Hair Special 2

This is the 2nd part of V&E’s Freebie News – Hair Special, where the focus is on group gifts and in-store freebies.

Moon has Altas Hands (left / group only) and Forge (right / open to all) on the Midnight Mania boards at the moment:

The Moon group is free to join until 25.02.16, and with the group tag there are 4 gifts to get:Mais La II (left) and Pixie Harlow (right):

Paper Cuts II (left) and Echoes (right):

Sentinus has a free to join group, and currently has 3 gifts for the members: (L-R) Jandy, Luna and Pera.

The Midnight Mania board at Besom has changed, and the current offering is Navi:


The Besom MM is for group members only, but the group is free to join.


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