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Freebie News 4 – Hair Special #1

Welcome to the first of two Special Episodes of V&E’s Freebie News, featuring gifts from both paid & free-to-join groups.

I am starting with the most expensive group gifts: 2 hair styles from BluesBonao and Eline. The group has a one time join fee of 99L$.

Left – Bonao / Right – Eline

Besom is free to join! There are 2 gifts for the group – Bellinia and Jade.  (While at the store and wearing the group tag, you might want to hit the MM board for the Hannu hairstyle).

Left – Bellinia / Right – Jade

besom hannu Above: Hannu

Next up is Emo-tions, which is another group that is free to join. I have already shown the men’s group gift (Aiden) in my previous Freebie News post. For the girls, I have Jona & Nella.

Left – Jona / Right – Nella

no.match has NO_COUNTRY as a group gift at the top of the stairs in the mens/unisex section of their store. The group has a one time fee of 50L$ to join.


Stay tuned for more in Hair Special #2.


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