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The Future is here!

The Futuristic Hunt PosterBorrowed the poster from my sissy, Evie, who has organised this little hunt 😉
The hunt is from 10 Dec to 10 Jan and all the items are 5L.  For the hints and slurls click here.

I decided to dress Emmi up in keeping as much as possible in keeping with the theme: a cyborg kitty bounty hunter/scoot.  She’d do any mission – big or small – as long as it paid well.

Tattoo – Eclectic Stars – Future wired
Headwear – Spyralle – Jewelled DJ Headset  (eyeglass part not shown)
Cyborg attachment – ~SongBird~ – Basic Access Port

Some of the other items are:

TT 15 Seamless or Alpha Space Station Selection Timeless Textur
Poster says it all 😉

Pet – Chiana Oh    (expressions are scripted & is copy/mod)
Seems Mr White had a slight malfunction lol — the face wasn’t fully rezzed when pic was taken

Boots – Duh! – Moon Boots  green     (purple version also included, not shown)

Prop/Pose – Repose – Hoverboard for McFly  (set of 5)

Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Annieke
Hair – Calico – Quinn
Makeup – 7 Deadly s{K}ins – NOELLA lipstick BLOOD
Clothes – Sn@tch – Dare Corset Top (Silver) & Biker Leather Pants (Black)
Boots – ODDITY 3D – ~Casey~

Location – Sunrunner


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