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Putting colour back into SL…

Since we are approaching Christmas rapidly (less than 3 weeks to go!!!), I decided to see what one of my favourite casual clothing stores (Prism) had out for the seasonal hunts, group gifts etc.

Prism has their group gifts from March 2014 onwards on the wall at the far end of the store.  The group is free to join 😀
I picked up the February 2015 gift (Angie). Whilst there I found the Merry Christmas hunt item as well (Frida).

Top & Leggings | Prism | Angie     0L$
Boots | Vlad Blackburn | Victorian Lace Zip Wedge Heels     Marketplace 29L$

Outfit | Prism | Frida    1L$

Skin | -Belleza- | Yasmin Xmas Gift Pale Bl
Hair | little bones. | Puck    0L$
Makeup | Sn@tch | Underworld Makeup (Blood Lips)
Tattoo | Para Designs | Cherry Blossom Black
:::Sn@tch Leather Bangles :::
The Plastik | Krysis Lipring://Bastille- Deep
The Plastik | Nephele Collar://Bastille- Deep


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