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Skin deep

One thing that makes us ‘us’ is the skin we have . It can be all tones from white to the darkest brown, and in SL, it can be any colour too, from red to purple and everything in between! But it is also what is under the skin that also makes us individuals…our shape. We can be curvy, skinny as a beanpole, or whatever else we choose.

One thing that being away from SL for so long, is that almost everything needs to be updated…hair, skin, clothes, and the list is not exhaustive. But the one thing I don’t change is my shape. I have a shape for mesh clothing only as my ‘normal’ shape is abnormal for standard mesh sizing (<– rebel!!!).

So  I have chosen to show some of the skins I have found this week:

Mother Goose
Mother Goose 1L$ L-R = Edith, Josette & Margot

Mother Goose 2
Mother Goose 1L$ L-R = Mimi, Miranda & Sisi III

7 Deadly s{K}ins L-R :
Medusa B4b *, St Patricks (99L$ on MP) & SuperPromo (99L$ on MP)
*join subscriber group and check history

Other Items
Hair| pr!tty | Elle (mesh)    Group gift (free to join store group)
Eyes | Plastik | Vaele Coll – Flowerli (mesh)
Undies | DCNY | Cotton Lingerie_Vintage Flower
Make-up | Sn@tch | Underworld Makeup (Blood Lips)


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