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World Goth Fair

I was supposed to post this last week shortly after I (or rather Emmi!) went to the World Goth Fair. Although I am not a goth in rl (too much colour in my wardrobe!), I can appreciate that are groups of people who want to be goths or any other subculture. It is in all of us, both in rl and SL to differentiate ourselves from the crowd, to be an individual & not what society wants us to be.

However, this can mean we face criticism/ridicule/hatred by those who do not understand and sometimes, it can end up with people being marginalised because of how they choose to dress. In one very tragic case, it meant that a young woman lost her life whilst trying to protect her boyfriend in a unprovoked & savage beating. This young woman was Sophie Lancaster.

World Goth Fair is held to help raise funds for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. It’s on until 12 noon June 1st, and is on 2 sims: Cursed (adult) & Port Seraphine.

world goth fair

Dress | Evie’s Closet | Halloween Fable
Shoes | The Little Bat | Sophie Pumps
Ring | Sn@tch | Fleur de Lit

PS.  Apologies for not crediting skin or hair… looks like I didn’t make a written note of them :(.  Tattoo is by Para Designs.


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