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A New Viki

It is obvious that I (Viki) haven’t been on this little blog thingy for quite sometime… You could blame that neko alt Emmi forhogging the limelight, but that would be unfair to both of us.

So since late last week I have been updating my rather megre SL wardrobe, and getting a makeover.

Freckles (Face) | Izzie’s | Geanna Freckles natural
Freckles (Body) | [PXL] | FullBody freckles
Eyeliner | Izzie’s | Geanna Eyeliner
Lipstck | Izzie’s | Lipstick dark red
Hair | TRUTH | Sara w/Roots – blood (mesh)
Elf Ears | Illusions | Mystic Ear: Elfin/Naturals
Eyes | Plastik | Vaele Coll – MeteorDark (mesh)
Top | Sn@tch | Elizabeth Halter Top (Blue)
Pants | Sn@tch | Second Skin Leather Pants (Black)
Tattoo | ::Para Designs:: | Morning Dew Dark (v2 layer)
Boots | Redgrave | 02 Girls Bikers RELOADED foot -Black+Silver-
Glasses | HOC | Rectangle Framed Glasses #001


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