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I love Plastik

No, not a spelling mistake. Certainly not that stuff you get in real life! I mean The Plastik, one of a very small number of stores in SL that I really love.

If you dont know already, there is a big sale at The Plastik to help Aikea Rieko get her external harddrive fixed (for more info click here).  As I don’t have much in my inventory from The Plastik, I couldn’t miss up the opportunity of 50% off the clothes.  However, there are other savings to be had in the store (see above link).

Skin | [IREN] | Dani – fair  
Hair | Exile | Kalea – russet
Dress (L) | :[P]: | Ambrice – Loveless (full version)
Dress (R) | :[P]: | Ambrice – West (scant version)
Boots | :[P]: | Arke Boots – Betty

Tank | JANE | chocolate
Corset (L) | :[P]: | Ambrice Corset – Oak  
Corset (R) | :[P]: | Ambrice Corset – War and Peas 
Pants | :[P]: | Aeda Slacks – Mahogany
Shoes | Cool Beans | Buckle Wedges – Mocha


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