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Interview with Evelyn Hartshon

I have known Evelyn, aka Evie to her friends in SL or Plurk, for most of my time in SL. I first met her when she was a DJ at Foot Loose, a club that I had come across by accident but sadly closed after a few months. Since then we have become best friends and family 😀

Evelyn started her SL career as a designer when she started to make cothes primarily for herself but soon started to make her wares available to the rest of SL. Her first store was Evie (rebranded to Pompompom), and on 01.07.11 she launched a new store called Sleeping Koala.

What inspires your designs?

A mix of RL fashion and SL fashion. I tend to just mess around with the generic LL clothing templates and see what appears on it!

How you started out as a designer in SL?

As a manager at CAFE Andromeda I’m entitled to a parcel of land, without rent or tier costs, so I made the most of it. I bought a small parcel, and decided to open a store. I had never made any item of clothing in sl before I opened the store so I was totally new. I downloaded the tshirt templates from the SL tutorials and pasted cartoon pictures on them. Then my store grew, started making some furniture stuff and my store has grown from there.

What do you enjoy about being a designer?

I enjoy making a small contribution to make residents experiences in SL more exciting. I like helping them to look good and feel good about the way their avatars look. I also enjoy learning new things and testing my imagination and design abilities.

Who are your favourite SL designers, and why?

Hmm, For clothing, Tyr Rozenblum (Grixdale/Aura) goes without saying. I love her hand drawn clothing, textures and designs. Last Call was my all time favourite store for clothing, sadly Ginny Talamasca (the owner) is no longer with us 😦

Mochi Milena (Pink Fuel) and Kaethe Dressen (Leafy) are my favourite skin designers. I also love Japanese stores, but there are too many to mention 😛 (I think you mean obsession , lol.)


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