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Some Plastik Goodies

Plastik is one of those multifaceted stores, where you can not only find clothes but also skins and eyes, and other things for the fantasy roleplaying avatar. Although the clothes at Plastik are relatively expensive, often they come with variations of parts included, one example is the recent new release Aeda jeans.

The Aeda jeans come in 2 collections – the Plain denim in 31 colours, 399L$ each and the Patterned in 32 colours, 499L$ each. Also they come in the following variations:  The Capris & Knees collection consisting of a pair of capris and two pairs of knee length pants.  The Minis and Shorts collection comes with two skirts and three pairs of shorts in all layers.  The Digis and Flares collection is a pair of full length jeans with three styles of sculpted leg: One digitigrade with matching alpha layer, one flared jean type, and a flared cuff. The Skinnies collection is a collection of full length pants that come with a pair of super skinny cuffs, a pair of lazy rolled cuffs, and a pair of normal super skinny cuffs.

So here are just a few of the goodies that I managed to bag at Plastik:

1. Subscribo joining gift v1

Dress – [Plastik] | Bordello – Woodwork

Pants – [Plastik] | Aeda Slacks – Subscribo! (lazy cuff version)

2. La Venta Eventa    75L$ @ Plastik mainstore

Top – :[P]: | Lattice – CandySteel     *also in dress version*

Pants – :[P]: | Aeda Slacks – Gunmetal (retrocuff version)    *also in mini skirt version*

3. Subscribo joining gift v2

Dress – [Plastik] | Boudoir – Mala     *also in Rosebud and Seq*

Pants – :[P]: | Aeda Capri – Subscribo!

All Pics

Skin – (Mamboo Chic) | Lindsay_gift         *lucky board item*

Hair – RAW HOUSE | Lauren [LtBlonde 05 w/ roots]    *Seasons Hunt | Summer*

Boots – INDI Designs | O’Brian – brown

Tattoo – ::Para Designs:: | Summer Breeze Light

Bracelets & Piercing – .:* LOULOU&CO *:. | ADDICTION     *addiction hunt / no longer available*

Necklace – Sn@tch | Monochrome Pearls (Black)       *part of the current fish-for-this outfit*


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