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52 Weeks of Colour Catch Up Part 3

Week 35 – Electric Blue

Electric blue is a color close to cyan that is a representation of the color of lightning, an electric spark, and argon signs; it is named after the ionized air glow produced during electrical discharges.  The colour electric blue was in vogue in the 1890s.  The first recorded use of electric blue as a color name in English was in 1884.

Skin – .ILLUSORY. | Paige | Warmth Stained A4 (LBF)

Hair – Raspberry Aristocrat | Asuka Hair | Blonde Flax

Top – Whippet & Buck | Rachelle Cropped Bustier ELECTRIC

Pants – JANE | essence pant.raven

Jacket – JANE | essence jacket.raven

Shoes – Baby Monkey |Cherie Pump V2 | Ice Blue

Location – Afghanistan Museum

Week 36 – Celadon

Celadon is a colour that is a pale tint of spring green.

Celadon coloured pottery is a specific style of pottery produced in Korea. It is normally associated with a pale sea-green pigment though the style originally was made with much darker pigments. The pale green pigment came from the artisans who used specific clays and potting techniques to create the style now associated with the name. It was most commonly used in Chinese, Korean and Japanese art and spread to the other Asian cultures. Celadon, as it is known by the west, or Gingci, is an ancient type of Chinese glaze that was particularly favoured by the Song court. These pots have blue-green glazes and are made in elegant shapes and were produced in kilns from all over China. Korean celadon pottery has been described by ancient Chinese artisans as having a quiet elegance whose colour is “beyond description,” in that it must be experienced to be understood, and its simplicity of form and style has been compared to the spirit of Zen Buddhism.

This was a challange as I don’t have anything that came close, but with a bit of creative thinking I finally got there.

Skin – .ILLUSORY. | Paige | Warmth Stained A4 (LBF)

Hair – !lamb. | Bang Bang Bob | Obsidian

Top – JANE | sheer celery

Tank – JANE | intrinsic.tank.wh milk

Jeans – DIAPOP | posha! jeans | black

Tattoo – Para Designs | Celtic Ribbons

Boots – Sn@tch | Metropolitan Boots

Necklace – Sn@tch | Monochrome Pearls | Black


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