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52 Weeks of Colour Catch-up Part 1

I had the photo for week 25’s colour Periwinkle all done and set up, but then wham! bang! whallop! RL kicked me in the backside… Facing problems at work, I came depressed and that manifested itself in a major case of SL burn out. Not good for me at the time but I went with the flow, and now having dipped my toe in the water during last week (mainly to clear notices and capped IMs), yesterday & today I have been back in world for best part of each day.

So here is Part 1 of my catch-up session of Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge…

week 25 – Periwinkle

Luckily I had made notes of what I was wearing in this pic.

Skin – DillyDolls – Lillie Veliza (marshmallow)

Hair – Truth – Layla (sangria / streaked)

Tanks – Sn@tch – Trashy Tanks (lights – powder blue)

Skirt & Belt – DCNY – Charli

Shoes – Baby Monkey – Summer Wedges

Umbrella (with poses) – Hopscotch

Tat – HUZ – Mythik

week 27 – Olive

The Olive , Olea europaea, is a species of a small tree in the family Oleaceae, native to the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean Basin (the adjoining coastal areas of southeastern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa) as well as northern Iran at the south end of the Caspian Sea. Its fruit, also called the olive, is of major agricultural importance in the Mediterranean region as the source of olive oil. The tree and its fruit give its name to the plant family, which also includes species such as lilacs, jasmine, Forsythia and the true ash trees (Fraxinus). The word derives from Latin “oliva” which in turn comes from the Greek ἐλαία (elaia) ultimately from Mycenaean Greek e-ra-wa (“elaiva”), attested in Linear B syllabic script. The word ‘oil’ in multiple languages ultimately derives from the name of this tree and its fruit.

The colour is a dark shade of yellow typically seen on green olives. It can be formed by adding a little black to yellow dye or paint. As a colour word in the English language, it is unexpectedly old, appearing in late Middle English. Shaded toward green, it becomes olive drab.

Skin – Heartsick – Haiku : Stardust

Hair – Truth – Layla (pumpkin streaked)

Top – Acid & Mala – V-neck Diamond Sweater (green)

Pants – Sprawl – Fiasco Cords (three mile)

Sneakers – ABOMB – Luna

week 30 – Ruby

Ruby is a colour that is a representation of the color of the cut and polished ruby gemstone. The somewhat deeper color of the uncut, unpolished ruby crystal is called rubelite.  The first recorded use of ruby as a colour name in English was in 1572.

Skin – Heartsick – Haiku : Stardust

Hair – Truth – Jess (mahogany)

Tank – Jane – Intrinsic (pinks – strawberry)

Capris – DCNY – Crimson wash capris jeans

Shoes – Kookie – Enya (dark choc)

week 33 – Mahagony

Mahogany is a reddish brown color. It is approximately the color of the wood, mahogany. However, the wood itself is not uniformly the same colour.

Skin – Heartsick – Haiku : Stardust

Hair – Truth – Jess (mahogany)

Top – Kyoot – Forboding Blouse (truffle)

Skirt – Secret Store – FrouFrou (toffee)

Shoes – Kookie – Enya (dark choc)


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