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21/52 – White

We’ve had various shades of brown, black (which most of my inventory consists of) or bright colours. Now it’s the turn of White!!!

The word white continues Old English hwīt, ultimately from a Common Germanic wītaz also reflected in OHG (h)wîz, ON hvítr, Goth. ƕeits. The root is ultimately from a proto-IndoEuropean *kwid-, surviving also in Sanskrit śveta “to be white or bright”[2] and perhaps Slavic svet’ “light”. The current Icelandic word for white, hvítur, is very closely related to the Old English and Old Norse forms of the word. Common Germanic also had the word *blankaz (“white, bright, blinding”), borrowed into Late Latin as *blancus, which provided the source for Romance words for “white” (French blanc, Spanish blanco, Italian bianco, etc.).

Skin – L. Fauna – Lea Pale 2 Prototype Face Fr

Hair – DSC – Wylde White

Top – PixelDolls – Faith (sheer / white)

Pants – Ricielli – LEGGINGS jeans white

Boots – Baby Monkey – Slouchy (silver)

Pose – Izumiya – Group 05


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