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19/52 – Umber

I have come to the conclusion that Luna loves to torture us with her 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge, as she has chosen yet another neutral colour for this week. The colour culpit is Umber.

Umber is a natural brown clay pigment which contains iron and manganese oxides. The color becomes more intense when calcined (heated), and the resulting pigment is called burnt umber. Its name derives from the Latin word umbra (shadow) and was originally extracted in Umbria, a mountainous region of central Italy, but it is found in many parts of the world. Some of the finest umber comes from Cyprus. It has been used as a pigment since prehistoric times.

Skin – Mother Goose’s – Johanna 1a

Hair – !Lamb – Bang Bang Bob (resturant ketchup)

Tank – Sn@tch – Butch Tank (Solids – brown)

Jeans – Allusions – Jeans 2011 (chocolate)

Boots – Sentou Yousei – My Little Black Boots

Tattoo – HUZ – Mythik fresh



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