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16/52 – Teal

This week the colour is Teal. The name & colour comes from the Common Teal, a type of duck, where the eyes of the drakes  (male ducks) are surrounded by feathers of this colour.

When I saw this cute little sweater, the poster said blue but to me it’s teal. Whatever colour it should be, it’s still cute and there is a green one too in store.

Styling card

Skin – Heartsick – Wish : Bliss : Meadowsweet

Hair – Clawtooth – Cat Call (wheat)

Top – Acid & Mala – V-neck Diamond mini sweater (blue)

Skirt – Elate! – Chloe Turqouise dress

Tights – Sn@tch – Sweater Tights (teal)

Boots – Kookie – Armarda (black wash)

Tattoo – Nosotr@s – Sky tattoo

Collar – Cobrahive – Kusari


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