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Somapop hunt

Somapop is having a lil hunt on their sim. There are 27 pink hunt items in the shape of the initials SP hidden all over the sim.

All other items..

Skin – Heartsick – HS : Serenity : Reverie : Dark Shines (c)

Hair – Truth – Marnie streaked (mocha)

Collar – Cobrahive – Kusari collar

Boots – Baby Monkey – Georgia (silver)

Tattoo – Para Designs – Summer Breeze light

Dress – Snowpaw – Anime tangerine

Dress – Kretch-Up – Kawaii black

Sweater – Somapop – White Ramones

Jeans – Somapop – black jeans

Top – Diapop – Notice me

Jeans – Somapop – Black Jeans

Sweater – Somapop – xtreme csy (includes a scarf)

Pants – Somapop – Cutted Jeans

T-shirt – Somapop – V-neck blue (includes black, green & red)

Pants – Somapop – Capri blue (includes red capris and wrist bandana)



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