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Interview with Ivey Deschanel

I joined the crazy world of Plurk thanks to my best friend in SL, Evelyn Hartshon. And one of the many new friends I have met in Plurk was Ivey Deschanel, owner of Sn@tch.  As I usually do is browse the SL feeds and came a blog where the author interviewed various people about what they were doing in SL like modelling, designing, etc. This gave me an idea, so I sent out a plurk to all the designers/creators on my plurk timeline asking they would be willing to answer a few questions. My first interviewee is Ivey Deschanel…

If you don’t know by now, I will happily confess to being a HUGE fan of Ivey and her fabulous clothing creations 😀

Catnip & Cabernet (skirt, jeans, tank & gloves)

Viki : What inspires your designs?

Ivey : I honestly get inspiration from everywhere and most of the time it’s absolute spur of the moment. I’ll start something with an idea, a flash then it usually evolves into something else. Very rarely does a piece of clothing come out the way I planned in my head. I pour over fashion magazines especially Nylon, Vogue and Glamour, websites, fashion shows and pick things I like the esthetic of and use the elements that strike me and that I can work into my style, I’ve even gotten ideas from tv and movies but basically I make what I want to wear at the moment, so it’s all really for me and I’m just fortunate others like it enough to give me some change for it.

Selection of ready to wear outfits - Off The Rack

Viki : How did you start as a designer in SL?

Ivey : I have a degree in Fine Arts and I always painted and played with graphics since I got my first pc in 99 doing wallpapers, collages, building websites and later painting flat avatars for Excite/Halsoft and Palace. When I came to SL in 2006 I was amazed by the scope of creativity and possibility. I started working a club job at first to make spending money, then I dated someone who was a pretty big designer at the time. She taught me how to make my first shirt and even though we split up after, she inspired me to do something with it. The idea of making money doing something so fun really got me excited. At the time it was just for fun, for myself and friends. Then when Roblem Hogarth and I partnered and got our first Sim, Pulse, I built my first store with about six items in it. It just grew and quickly too. I got in on the neko/grunge market and added a touch of gothic to it and people liked it and it just spun out. It was amazing. I never thought I would be able to do this for a full time living but now its been almost four years and there’s no going back.

Previous Fishing Outfits

Viki : What you enjoy about being such a recognizable brand in SL?

Ivey : It’s very strange sometimes to think how huge the store is. That I have a whole sim of my own, 30 or so branch stores and even more affiliates. I have over 18,400 people in my store groups it’s almost strange to find someone who hasn’t heard of Sn@tch. I like that now I can be involved in more community and group projects and the name actually brings people in to things like charity events and themed designer events, that part is awesome and I LOVE collaborating with other designers. As far as being recognized myself, thats still a little weird for me. To actually have someone call out my name in public and get excited to meet me is fun and at the same time, very odd. I secretly like it though. It means I do something that makes a small difference to people but boy does it make me blush LOL.

Viki : What are your favourite Sn@tch designs and SL designers?

Ivey : Ohh that is the hardest one yet! AS far as the things I make, I love whatever I made last. That’s usually what I’m wearing is whatever I made most recently. I love the new Hug the Puffy Jackets, the Lulu Sweater Dress is one of my faves, I really like the jean jackets I put out last month. Right now I adore the new Tie Dyed Karma Tees and the Confetti Sequin skirts, those are so cute I think. As far as fave designers I have a ton and most of them are friends of mine which is so humbling. I’m not going to name names here cause I’ll leave someone out and they’ll be mad at me. Some one I don’t know personally that I really admire is June Dion of Bare Rose. It was one of the first shops I went to and still one of my favorites. She is so talented and prolific and I modeled my business after hers. I will say that I think anyone that comes into SL with a little talent, exceptional marketing and a dream to never have to work 9 to 5 again, can make it if they want it badly enough and have a little luck like I did.


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