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Alternative Christmas gifties

I went to Ho Wear last night to get some of the 12 free gifties in the store… they can be found in 4 groups of gift boxes for 0L$ each!! Two have a skin & a shape, and the other 10 have complete outfits.

The first outfit is the Graffiti set… It comes with 2 top and 6 pants, which is great if you like mix & match like I do.

The skin I’m wearing is one of the 2 gifties ….Sydney 7 is not one of my normal tones but for this clothes set it was perfect.

Next is one of 3 goth dresses, called Muse. With this, I chose the Sydney vamp 6 skin which is the other giftie skin. This have kept to be my fancy dress/Halloween party costume.

I love the lace skirt of the jacket… so frothy & floaty.

The other dress is Grace. It is perfect as a gothic bridal dress.

There are 3 skirt options …. option 3 as shown above with black silk & lace, option 2 on the left as seen below is plain black silk and option 1 on the right below.

Styling Card

Skin – Ho Wear – Sydney 7 & Sydney vamp 6     christas gift 0L$ each

Hair – Detour – Flutter III bubblegum mix     450L$

Clothes – Ho Wear – Muse dress, Grace dress & Graffiti set          christmas gifts 0L$ each

Boots – HoC – Noir


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