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Newness @ Hopscotch

Either Friday or yesterday, Chandni Khondji, owner and creative brains behind *~*Hopscotch*~*, dropped her latest release Out of the Window, a cute pose prop, into my inventory as a bloggers’ review item.

Not only do you get the window seat, you also get a backdrop so pictures can be taken from the outside…

There are 6 adjustable poses, 10 pillow textures and 10 ‘fingerdrawings’. To change the pose/texture just click on the window seat or pillow/window.

Styling Card

Skin – Pink Fuel – Ember <Gyaru> nudey

Hair – Deviant Kitties – Pumpkin (ink cherry)

Top – Sn@tch – Plaid Bomber (black)

Skirt – Sn@tch – Slim Cord (black)

Tights – Sn@tch – Sweater Tights (Darks – black)

Shoes – Sassy Kitty Designs


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