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Number 2

My brain is slight befuddled thanks to a cold and I couldn’t think of a catchy title for this post đŸ˜¦

Janie Marlow, former owner of Mischief, is back in SL and has a new clothing design venture called Jane. Whilst browsing one of my favourite freebie blogs, I found this cardigan featured, so I decided to visit the Jane mainstore on the Zyrra sim.

While at Jane, I picked up the free intrinsic tank in some of the available colour packs. To get the cardigan, you need to join the subscriber group. This cardigan is similar to one I used to have in RL, but the rl one was navy blue.

The jeans are from Gato, a store that I had been to before but never brought anything on offer. I got the jeans as the pale orange floral print matched the cardigan to a tee. As I was putting together a cosy, autumn look, I chose the intrinsic tank in khaki, and the KiiToS boots I got on the Tea Hunt.

Styling Card

Skin – Izzie’s – Amber skin brown (cleavage)

Hair – AY.LinE – Darjeeling (marron 2)

Cardigan – JANE – groupLOVE outfit

Tank – JANE – intrinsic tank (khaki)

Jeans – GATO – Granny Jeans #1

Boots – KiiToS – Engineer



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