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Addicted to Halloween Hunt part 1

Started the Addicted to Halloween Hunt (ATHH) last night, and so far I have got up to store #20. This hunt is brought to you by the same people who did the Addiction hunt earlier in the year, but this time it’s all spooks, ghouls and all things Halloween.

As usual there is a mix of items to be hunted across the grid, from fashion (clothing, jewellery) to home furnishings…

Here’s my selection of items from stores #1 – #20 in no particular order:

Tattitude – Starry Eyed Surprise (with & without pentagram) on v2 tattoo layer 😀

Audacity – Arachnadine (fudge)  (bow is colour change)  *fatpack of all hair colours*

Cheeky Pea – Witchy Basket (wearable)

Bobbing for apples is an old party game in England, which was taken to the USA and Canada by the first settlers…

Dallywood – Bobbing for Apples

Dreams in Digital Art

PRIME Furniture – Pumpkin Chair & Pumpkin Candles

Nosotr@s – Pike Neko Gear (ears  & tail only)

Now for the fashion items…

Acid & Mala – outfit comes with 2 different hats, short skirt & long skirt (as shown)

Left – Cero Style

Centre – Hyper Couture – Loose Summer Dress

Right – *evie* – Halloween Hotpants (chain)

Left – Insatiable Fashions

Left centre – Sassy Kitty Designs

Right centre – Luxurious World

Right – WoE


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