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Plurk Challenge – Bonus Colour

As well as challenging fellow bloggers via Plurk, Alysha Rennahan also challenged us to create a look that 80% of which is Green. This was easy for me as I had recently acquired some green clothes…

Chandni Khondji of HopScotch dropped the factpack of Loveletter shirts on me the other day… Thanks Chandni!!!!! They came in handy especially the green one 😀  The skirt is the most recent group gift from So Many Styles and had been in my inventory for about a week or so. The shoes were a Midnight Mania prize at Baby Monkey, and are texture change via scripted menu.

So there you have it…My homage to Green!

Styling Card

Skin – Heartsick – Enchant : reverie : pumpkin pie

Hair – EMO-tions – Tanja

Top – HopScotch – Loveletter Shirt (green)

Skirt – SMS

Shoes – Baby Monkey – Madville


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