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One store that I had come across in the first year that I was in SL but not blogged is Canimal, owned by Canimal Zephyr, who I believe is no longer in-world as the last release was April 2009. The clothes cary from boho dresses to punk/grunge… so there is something for everyone.

I have been exploring a bit, and went by Canimal the other day, and did a bit of shopping…

I got the cute Castaway dress in brown and the Streetwear Down Jacket fatpack, and just combined the 2. The jacket has a quilted feel to it, like that quilct that your grandma made for you when you were a baby. And, as it is filled with down, it’s warm too, especially on the crisp autumn mornings when there is fog or mist around.

D!va has a new group gift, Chiaki, to celebrate having 7000 members.  Both the hat and the rose are texture change. For the hat, you have 13 options: 5 tweed, 4 animal prints, 3 fur, and ‘hat off’. For the rose, you have 10 options: wool & fur 3 each, 2 lace, 1 check, and ‘rose

Styling Card

Skin – Sn@tch -Solstice tone 2-Sunshine/FR

Hair – D!va – Chiaki (amber)

Clothes – Canimal – Castaway dress (brown) & Streetwear Down Jacket (grey)

Socks – Edge Grafica

Boots – COCO


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