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New Worlds

View of Metropolis from spaceport

This sprawling, teeming Metropolis was my home for too many years that I care to recall. Metropolis as it is known to all its citizens was built just in time when careless actions of unthinking generations collided with catastrophic & cataclysmic environmental disasters (floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes) and nearly destroyed our original homeworld. Some brave souls of all races returned to HomeWorld to repair the damage.

My Father’s family apart from me have returned to HomeWorld. But I feel drawn to the stars, like the seagulls call to the souls of the Elves of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, and I cannot ingore that call. Saying goodbye to what you have known is hard. Tears are shed and little mementos given and received. All my worldly possessions have been crated up and are stowed on broad the next colony transport.

The Council (elected by the citizens from all races) had made announcements over the last few months asking for people to come forward as volunteers on a colonising venture. Three years ago a space transport had left Metropolis’ spaceport bound for unknown worlds in an attempt to find suitable new HomeWorlds for us. Late last year that same transport had returned with news that 2 such worlds had been found. Knowing I had to obey the call of the stars, I applied to be a coloniser on one of these worlds, although I had no particular skills required like construction or medical, but I was good at making charts (maps).

View of coastal land near the settlement.

Initially all colonisers were housed in a makeshift camp whilst a site for more permanent residence was located. As part of the sureying team, it was my duty to make sure that each prospective dwelling was located within a plot about 1 acre in size and had a readily available source of freshwater. Once these plots were located, teams of 10-12 men would bring the construction materials to the site and work began on building the dwellings.

Each dwelling had been designed to be a one-room construction, but with families having signed up for this venture, some were redesigned with extra rooms. My little cabin, I decided, is located at the edge of the settlement near the ‘wastelands’ looking towards the distant mountains. My little garden is already producing enough food for me and with a small surplus, I can trade with my neighbours. Hanging on my wall is the very first chart of the settlement and its surrounding countryside.

View from my cabin

For now I am happy, but I know that I will need to leave to seek the stars again and that I will not be alone on that adventure.

Styling Card

Hair – Kin – Ryuuzaki (black)

Shrug – PixelDolls – Grace . Brocade crop . Gold      MM item

Top – Sprawl – Error tank (chestnut/black)

Jeans – Sprawl – Quest (oil)

Boots – Indi Designs – O’Brien (brown)

Locations – Blue Galaxy sim (pic 2) and Caisteal (Blue Galaxy Store = pic 1 ; sim = pic 3)


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