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Gone but not forgotten

It’s time for the 2nd Plurk challenge. This week is all about the designers that have either left the grid all together or on a indetermined hiatus (not released anything new for more than 6 months). This was fun to do as I have 2 such designers, whose stuff I have in my inventory.

One is Janie Marlowe who used to design clothing under the Mischief brand, and this has been closed down recently.Accordingly to her profile, she hopes to start a new venture within SL but I couldn’t find any info about this. Everything Mischief related (including Xstreet & the blog) is gone.

The other is Pushbutton Skolnick of the Sprawl brand. Pushbutton closed down her mainstore late last year and the only outlet is now on the Downtown sim and everything designed under the Sprawl brand or under the Pushbutton Industries brand is for sale as mega packs or 2000L$ for the whole lot. I checked her profile, which stated that she is getting rid of everything as she is not in SL that much now.

So here is my tribute to some of the designers that have left SL for good or are no longer designing.

Skin – Heartsick – : PK : Rapture : Pure Morning

Hair – ETD – Resilient (copper – tinted)      *no longer available*

Jacket – Sprawl – The Major (noir)

Tank – Sprawl – Trellis (algae)

Pants – Sprawl – The Ambition (ink)

Boots – Bax Coen – Prestige (black leather)

Skin – as above

Hair – ETD – Willow (copper burnt – tinted)    *no longer available*

Outfit – Mischief – Heather (raspberry)     *no longer available*

Boots – as above


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