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Oldies but goodies

I have not taken part in any blogger challanges before, but this one was too good to miss up. The idea is all Alysha Rannahan’s doing. It is quite simple. Each week Alysha will set a theme and us bloggers then have to create outfits in that theme, and this week’s theme is Oldies but Goodies. Need to know more, then click here.

I didn’t have any of the stuff from my very early days in SL, as I tend to clear out my inventory every so often. But I did manage to find some old goodies (except for the skin :(), and with these created this look.

Styling Card

Shape = Body Doubles – Catherine Denueve    Sept 08

Skin = Heartsick – : PK : Rapture : Pure Morning     March 10

Hair = Deviant Kitties – Sae (wine)            Oct 09

Outfit = Indi Designs – Sharon             Nov 08

Boots = Indi Designs – Pinta (black)    Aug 09

Location = YToub

This idea was all Alysha Rennahan’s fault! I don’t think she realised how popular this random idea she had would be. Basically each week Alysha sets a theme and posts it on her Plurk, then us bloggers can do a blog post based on that theme. This weeks theme is Oldies But Goodies! You can learn more about it on her blog here. If you want to take part join us on Plurk (Plurk is a social networking site, like Twitter but better)


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