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Some August Cheapies

My Fashion on a Budget miniseries is back after a break for most of August. As usual I have 3 different outfits to show you, and if some of the items are no longer available, I am sure that you can find some similar somewhere on the grid.

First up on the FoaB runway is a mix-&-match of Pixel Dolls, Tyranny Designs and Anuenue. The top from Pixel Dolls is a new release and is on sale for 75L$!! It comes in other colours and in this wonderful brocaded silk. I chose the Sage colour as I don’t have much green stuff in my SL closet 😦

Tyranny Designs is currently have a sale to celebrate 2 years of existance on the grid. Some of the items are discounted as they are being retired and the I’m So Comfy shorts are one such item. However, the sale ends Sept 1st!!!! The boots were blogged elsewhere in cyberspace (and appeared on the Chic Critique feed, see the link to the right —>) and I had to get them. The boots were 60L$ per play of the Gatcha machine, which looks like a snack machine. The leg part is resizeable via a resize script and the ribbon is colour-change, and the foot part is mod via the edit menu.

Truth Hawks is currently having a sale with 50% off and sale ends Sept 3rd!!! One tip: if you want to beat the lag and crowds, visit the store on the TRUTH Hair II sim. I picked up the Alyssa hair in four colour packs @ 125L$ each.

Next up is another mix-&-match, this time of Acid & Mala, Boom and Indi Designs. Although my upper limit for cheapies is 100L$, as I know that most of you have a tight budget, I have spent slightly more on the O’Neal sneakers from Indi Designs (125L$) as these are high quality items. They can be found in the discount basement on the shelves next to the Pinta boots vendor. Also in the discount basement are 2 big boxes (1 for the boys & 1 for the girls) of 30/31 complete outfits for 1L$.

The striped tank is from Acid & Mala and come in packs of 2 colours. This one is from the Greens pack, called Forest and the other (not shown) is Moss. I paired it up with a pair of Seaman Pants from Boom, at the Creators’ Pavillion a week or so ago. Hair Only is a sim full of hair creators’ stores, and at the landing point you will find 5 large gift boxes from EMO-tions stuffed with free hair!! Also at the landing point (but behind you) are 2 other boxes. These are the Amacci freebies (in all colours).

The bangles I am wearing I got from Baubles, which is no longer in existance as the owner turned the store into an art gallery. But I know how resourseful my readers are and know that you can find something similar.

The last of today’s outfits is a mix of Kosh, Acid & Mala and Magi Take, with footwear from my favourite cheapie store, Duh!. The Acid & Mala group costs you only 10L$ to join and for that you get group only gifts. One such gift is the mini-tank, and this came in a pack of 2 colours, dark red and red.

The denim jacket is from Magi Take. I got the fatpack for 40L$, although you can get them individually at 10L$ each. The cords are from Kosh and cost me 77L$, and come in either parti-coloured (as shown) or single coloured.

Styling Credits

Pic 1

Skin – Atomic Bambi – APPLE-sunblush-ocean-rd-frex

Hair – Truth – Alyssa (chocolate)         125L$ – sale ends Sept 3rd

Top – PixelDolls – Grace . damask . long (sage)      75L$

Pants – Tyranny Designs – I’m So Comfy (cocoa)      25L$ – being retired & sale ends Sept 1st

Boots – Anuenue – Patchwork Knit       60L$  per play of the Gatcha

Poses – marukin – Living on beatles and drugs

Location – Auskerry

Pic 2

Skin – Atomic Bambi – Lana-pale-pure-frex-gloss 2    975L$ (folder contains 4)

Hair – EMO-tions – Tanja                 0L$ @ HAIR Only landing point

Tank – Acid & Mala – Striped (forest)    100L$

Pants – Boom – Seaman (pitch)           Creators Pavillion sale 75L$

Tattoo – Para Designs – Beautiful Bouquet (light)    V2 tattoo layer (also come on clothing layers)

Poses – Juxtapose – Fab1      15000-member FabFree gift

Location – Draft

Pic 3

Skin – same as No 2

Hair – EMO-tions – Alexis (black)       0L$ @ HAIR Only landing point

Tank – Acid & Mala – Mini (dark red)        Group gift    10L$ to join group

Pants – Kosh – Corduroy (night/grey)    77L$

Jacket – Magi Take – Denim (original)   50L$ fatpack / 10L$ each

Boots – Duh! – Sneaker (red)             20L$

Poses – Striking Poses – Full of Grace 10 &  Posies – CariDee


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