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Out of Time

I have been meaning to do this post for the last 2 days (lol). Someone asked on Plurk where the best locations were for taking pictures, and Nomos was suggested as a possibility. Nomos is a role-playing sim and is based on the film Blade Runner (starring  Harrison Ford). Unconsciously the anachronistic theme developed, my outfits not being historical correct for the surroundings; Nomos is a futuristic sim and Valhal is a ancient ruin based on the culture of the Vikings/Norsemen from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Skin – Sn@tch – Solstice (tone 2 – Sunshine /BR-FR)

Hair – Posh -Baby (ash red)

Jacket – Magi Take – Demin (black)

Top – PixelDolls – Pinup Silk (berry)

Jeans – Sn@tch – Laid Back outfit (faded black)

Boots – Baby Monkey – Bitching Booties (pinks & purples)

Poses – Flowey

Location – Nomos & Nomos 2

Skin – see above

Hair – Posh – Egostistical (chestnut)

Dress – MayoNaise – Cut up my Vintage Dress (brown)

Jeans – Magi Take – Skinny (brown)

Shoes – BB* – Wornnout Boy Style Loafers for Girls

Poses – marukin & Exposeur

Location – Valhal


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