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Delicious All Sorts

In the UK (where I live) we have a sweet brand called ‘Bassets All Sorts’ made from liquorice, and it is this what inspired my title today because I have a mix of stuff to show you.

The Industry District is celebrating its Grand Opening by holding a mini hunt called “The Gear + The Scroll hunt” which runs until 12th August. There are 28 awesome stores for you to find the little gold gears/cogs that are the hunt item. I was tipped off to this mini hunt by Fab Free, and have just a taster for you of the many goodies that you can get.

Divalicious have 2 gifts in the hunt, one at the Industry District mall and one in their Club Industry Mall outlet. The dress came with the bangles and a choker (not shown), and the boots were the other gift.

Also participating the mini hunt is Acid & Mala, who have a free set of their mini tanks as their prize. This particular set comes in magenta and purple.

I paired the tank with a pair of classic trousers from Sn@tch. The trousers are available in a set of 6 colours for 250L$ only.

If you don’t know already, Armidi have joined up with the Warehouse (as host) a 50% sale. This sale is also at the Armidi online store.

I got 2 two tops at the sale, each 68L$. There are other bargains to get including shoes, bags & other accessories, but most of the items are over 100L$.

Styling Credits

All Pics

Skin – Sn@tch – Solstice (tone 2 – Sunshine/BR-FR)

Pic 1

Hair – Exile – Layne (smokey)     60L$  The Dressing Room Blue 4

Dress, Boots & bangles – Divalicious 0L$ Industry District  mini hunt

Pic 2

Hair – Exile – Layne (smokey)

Top – A&M – Mini Tank (striped – magenta)    0L$ Industry District mini hunt

Pants – Sn@tch – Classic Trousers (grey)      250L$  6 colours

Shoes – Kookie – Lazies (night)        50L$ FLF

Pic 3

Hair – Exile – Layne (double choc)

Top – Armidi – {Giseci) Evelyn square-cut blouse (devilsberry)     68L$ 50% Off sale

Pants – Sn@tch – Classic Trousers (black)

Shoes – Baby Monkey – Summer Cork Wedges (blacks/reds)    50L$

Tatt00 – Para Designs – Beautiful Bouquet (medium)       60L$


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