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Thanks Berry Much!!!

Ok so I got it wrong….errr No, I haven’t!!!

First of all, I would like to thanks to all my readers… I have reached the dizzying height of 2011 hits since I started this blog a year ago in July 2009. Second, today’s theme is the colour that designers call berry. This varies from purple to red, just berries in RL.

The first offering is an outfit I got at Enki’s Dollarstore, by A.Y.Y. To match it, I got the Lazies from Kookie as part of this week’s 50L$ Friday event.

The hair is Exile’s Malibu from The Dressing Room Blue 3rd collection, in the exclusive colour ‘spice’. Exile is in TDR Blue 4 with a new set of exclusive colours.

The second outfit is from Willow.

You can change the colour of the dress by editing the individual parts manually, similar to how you would tint an item. But I chose to leave it this lovely dark shade of red.

Styling Credits

All Pics

Skin – Sn@tch – Solstice (tone 2 – sunshine/BR-FR)

Hair – Exile – Malibu (spice)    *no longer available*  TDR Blue 3rd collection

Shoes – Kookie – Lazies (berry black)    50L$ Fridays

Bracelets & lip ring – LouLou & Co Addiction Hunt

Tattoo – Para Designs – Cherry Blossom (black, v2 layer)

Pic 1

Clothes – AYY – Diamond Halter & Tabbed Shorts    1L$ @ Enki’s Dollarstore

Pic 2

Dress – Willow 0L$

Poses – Marukin & Leafy


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