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I will do it MY way

No!! It has nothing to do with the song that was a big hit for Mr F Sinatra, though the sentiment of it is relevant to this particular post. I will apologse now for what some may construe to be a rant, but this is an ‘open letter’ response to something happened to me recently, that I think shows what I think to be a somewhat hurtful and biggoted attitude.

A few days ago in SL a designer who I will not name asked if there were any bloggers who would like to be added to her list to receive blogger review items. I passed my name on to the designer via a mutual contact and a few minutes later was advised by said mutual contact, that designer had decided to refused my inclusion on the said list.

From what the mutual contact said, I understand that the designer refused because I feature free or cheap stuffs on my blog, and the designer was worried that potential customers would see the free/cheap stuff posted and not come to his/her store. (I will point out that I have been to this particular designer’s store and have spent L$ on one or two items both at full price and on special offer. This will show on the designer’s transaction history. Also one of this month’s FoaB posts featured something of their creative work!!!) If Emmi hadn’t paid the joining fee to their inworld group, not simply because of the gift that had been sent, but because she thought it was worth it as she also liked the stuff I had brought, she would right now leave the group. However, that is a childish response and a waste of money (real & virtual), she will stay with the group for now and we will go about our business as usual.

In my response to the designer’s decision, I said that the designer’s logic was a bit off as I also blog stuffs I got on hunts for free. Ok, hunts are great to get some free stuffs, especially clothes, and there have been some specialist hunts. Personally, if I like a hunt item I got from x store, I will go to x store and have a look round and if there are any freebies or cheap items on offer I will try those first, to see if it is worth my time & money (yes! money!!) to come back for the full-priced items.

Some store owners offer freebies to attract people to their stores and will award loyal customers with exclusive group gifts now and again. Emmi & I belong to some inworld groups for stores, like Sn@tch and PS Styles, simply because we have loved the cheap or free stuff we got from those places and wanted to get some more things, despite the higher cost. Also, some offer free packs for all new residents (under 30 days), and/or for everyone, as the owners/designers know that new residents do  not have money and some long term residents choose not to use real life money to buy things.

There is one thing I will not do and that is apologise for showing free or cheap stuffs. I have read a few blogs myself and some focus on the full priced items only. That is ok if that is what the blogger enjoys doing, but that is just not Emmi and I want to do. Our aim is showcase SL fashions, and that to us means the free & cheap as well as the expensive. I have never hidden the fact that something Emmi or I have in our SL closets was free, cheap or expensive, and I or Emmi will not start to do so. This will be wrong to do, as it would be misleading to our readers.  If the designer bothered to look more closely at the Fashion on a Budget posts, as least half of the things Emmi & I feature are full-priced items.

I hope Emmi & myself treat our readers like they have brains with the ability to make their own decisions, with the blog as a means of showcasing the work of SL’s wonderful content makers. Also, we know that you (the reader) will know which stores are hideously expensive, such Stiletto Moody, and the reasonably priced, such as Truth and Sn@tch.


3 thoughts on “I will do it MY way

  1. Some designers think they are too good to give away freebies or take part in hunts. They couldn’t imagine ever being featured on a freebie blog because they think it’ll lower their reputation, and super narrowing their potential customers.

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