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The Addiction Hunt – Part 1

Ok… I have reached store #37 (almost half way through) on the Addiction Hunt. But I want to show some of the prizes from stores 1 to 30. The pictures are no particular order, and you will need to check out my flickr page if you want store names šŸ˜›

1. Top; HairĀ  2. DressĀ  3. Top + capris + flats

1. Tattoo on v2 tattoo layer \o/ (also comes on clothing layers) Ā  2. Skin & Tee (male tee included)Ā  3. Dress (1 of 4 versions)

1. Lip ring & addict teddy ringĀ Ā  2. Top; bangles* Ā  3. Tank & capris; bangles*

* same store prize

1. TopĀ Ā  2. Facial PiercingĀ Ā  3. Corset & Pants

More of the Addicted gifties coming soon….


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