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Number 1

Ok. I have decided to document (or list) the various Looks of the Day posts properly. Could think of them like chapters in a book, lol.

So I start off with what Emmi is currently wearing.  The top was a dollarbie from Bai Bye and the leggings were part of a fatpack from Ayumi for 1L$ at Enky’s Dollar$tore. The bangles, which I have shown before, are from Dark Mouse and is one of the old picks rewards now on sale for 1L$.

Emmi is so in love with her new skin from Pink Fuel which she got from the skin fair (on the beach at Harajuku Box). 400L$ for each individual skin or 1500L$ for the fatpaack. My friend Evie has posted pics of all the Pink Fuel skins here. But here’s Emmi’s favourite, the Gyaru Nudey…

The pack comes with 2 skins (dark & light brows) and 12 diferent facial stickers (9 hearts & 3 stars). This is not one of Emmi’s usual skins which are normally pale & freckled, but she does like to have a change once in a while, lol.


Skin – Pink Fuel – Gyaru (nudey)

Hair – Truth – Marnie (cranberry/streaked)

Top – Bai Bye – Ruffle Sweetheart (teal)

Pants – Ayumi – Leggings (black)

Boots – Duh! – Suede Ankle (ink)

Bangles – Dark Mouse – Big 80’s plaid


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