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LotD – My Favourite Freebies & Cheapies

This post rounds up this month’s FoaB series. I a showcasing some of my favourites, which were free, dirt cheap (1-10L$) or cheap (10L$+). The ony thing that was real expensive is my current skin, which is from Pink Fuel (cost me 400L$).

The top is from PixelDolls. When you arrive the PD store, you will find the new releases and under the tables are 12 gift boxes containing 8 tops and 4 dresses!!

I paired the top with the hightwaisted jean skirt from Willow. I love highwaisted pants/skirts as they have a vintage feel and also they emphasise the waistline and your curves.  My favourite boots at the moment are the Shasti boots from Baby Monkey. I love them so much I go the fatpack, but the blacks/reds pack (shown in the steel colour) is available for 50L$ and are menu-driven.

Enky’s Dollar$tore is a new-to-me store, where designers from across the grid have denoted items which are available for 1L$. One such item is the hair I am wearing, which is from Exile. This comes in a fatpack!!! So you have several colour options to coordinate with your various looks of the day.

Another new-to-me place is Dark Mouse. The old pick reward items have been put out for sale at 1L$ each. They can be found outside to the left of the store entrance.

Styling Credits

Skin – Pink Fuel – Ember (Gyaru – Nudey)

Hair – Exile – Kyanna (garnet)

Top – PixelDolls – Bianca (violet)

Skirt – Willow – Highwaisted Jean (grey)

Boots – Baby Monkey – Shasti (blacks/reds set)

Bangles – Dark Mouse – Big 80s plaid


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