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More July freebies & cheapies

RL has the unfortunate knack of interferring and upsetting plans. Well, I am back with more freebies and cheapies, which I hope that you will love…

First up is a mix-&-match featuring not-so cheap newness from Tyranny Designs and freebie care of a MM board from OoEas!

Tyr Rozenblum, owner and creative brains of Tyranny Designs, has created a VIP group for the store… However, it costs 250L$ to join, but when members receive group gifts that are worth that and more, I can understand why designers charge! It stops people from joining for purpose of getting the freebies (gifts) then leaving the group.

OoEas! started out with lingerie but they now have some other stuffs like tanktops and dresses. The textures used aare just fab, and the MM boards get changed round every so often, so it pays to visit once in a while lol. The MM items are often in an exclusive colour, such as this denim miniskirt.

Also from OoEas! is the Velvet Embrace corset. This was the June freebie and was still available when I last visited the store which yesterday. I paired it with the long black skirt from Elymode, which is their Under 30 Days pack (available at the mainstore and at Malt Village freebie stall).

One of my favourite Japanese stores is Izumiya, and Izumi Homewood, owner and creative genius, has just released some new stuffs. One such example is the next outfit. At Izumiya you can find complete outfits with accessories like shoes, jewelry and bags for 25L$, and this is the latest addition to the female collection.

It comes with 2 pairs of linen pants (one with prim pockets, cuffs and belt, and one without prim parts), and also included but not shown are a pair of sandals, a tote bag and a leather bracelet. The shoes I chose to wear with this outfit are the white espadrilles from Duh! which I think are not available anymore but the shoes do come in other colours for 25L$ a pair or 60L$ for the basics or brights fatpacks.

Duh! has exclusive colours of some of their designs in the lucky chairs or as dollarbies. Currently the lucky chairs have the Gold Leather Booties and Lime Green Espadrilles for the girls, and the Grecian (white) Spring Flats as the 1L$ item. The ollarbie is changed every month and occasionally the lucky chairs are updated.

Styling Credits

Pic 1

Skin – Mother Goose – Renata  1L$

Hair – Magika – Mini (merlot)      49L$  *50% sale*   (discount section normally 99L$)

Top – Tryanny Designs – The Pro (black)    VIP group gift  (250L$ join fee)

Skirt – OoEas! – Denim (patina)    MM prize   0L$

Pose – Marukin

Pic 2

Skin – Mother Goose

Hair – Raspberry Aristocrat – Chai Anxiety (black – carbon)   0L$   (available as fatpack only)

Top – OoEas! – Velvet Embrace (joie)     0L$

Skirt – Elymode – Long Simple (black)    0L$   *under 30 days*

Pic 3

Hair – Raspberry Aristocrat

Clothes – Izumiya – Female Fashion set #24      25L$

Shoes – Duh! – Espadrilles (white)      *no longer available*


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