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Handfuls of goodies

When I find a top or pair of jeans that I really love, I keep going back to it and create new looks. These gems can either be free, cheap or expensive purchases. That is what is behind today’s entry in July’s FoaB.

The first outfit is a complete look which I got from the freebie/cheapie basement at Sn@tch. I like plaid or tartan, but don’t wear it that often.

The dress also comes in grey and red, and the pack includes a red sweater as well. I paired it with the black & white booties from P.S. Styles which cost 39L$, and are also available in other colours for 49L$. I have foud that PS Styles offers a range of items at a reasonable price, and at the top of the store there is a freebie/dollarbie wall with a limited selection but it is worth going back every now and then to see if something new has been added.

The next outfit is a mix-&-match. There is a bargain event that happens over a 2-week period called The Dressing Room (click here). The items are never over 75L$ and are made by some of SL’s big names in fashion design, and include skins,  shapes, accessories as well as clothes. One piece from the current TDR collection is a set of 2 prairie blouses from So Many Styles.

There is something vintage about prairie blouses that I love. I can imagine that it was onceThe  part of a dress and that over time, the fabric has become worn in places, that patching it is not possible so the bodice is salvaged and turned into a top. Also from Sn@tch are the black Hell Bent For Leather pants. These come in other colours including a patterned version called Snakebite.

The last look on offer is also a mix-&-match from TDR with the I @tch leather pants. The TDR item is a lovely summer piece from Aoharu.

The floral jacket can be worn with the white top as shown or on it’s own.

Styling Credits

All Pics

Hair – Magika – Morning (charcoal)

Boots – P.S Styles – Bootees (black & white)    39L$

Pic 1

Skin – &Bean – Hounds of Love (Lamm – light)

Dress with sweater – Sn@tch – Plaid Poppet (blue)      50L$ for set of 3 dresses & 2 sweaters

Pic 2

Skin – Heartsick – Pure Morning (reverie tone)     0L$

Top – So Many Styles – Prairie Blouse (blue)      50L$  includes a gold version @ The Dressing Room

Pants – Sn@tch – Hell Bent for Leather (black)     50L$

Pic 3

Skin – Heartsick – Pure Morning

Top – AoharuFront Knot Shirt (pink)       50L$ @ The Dressing Room

Pants – Sn@tch – Hell Bent for Leather (black)


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